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  • Shubhshree mathur


As a kid we all loved to

Raid our fridge for a piece of meal

From the day before

As bachelors, our lunch cooked by

The maid, no matter how little it was

always had room for dinner as well....


Mummy's jugaad for school tiffin

To midnight food hunts

From laziness of a student

To the survival of a bachelor

To just sympathy eating for the poor fridge

We grew up on leftovers

So much so that

We grew to be

Our own leftovers

Leftovers of..

Something that u got

Only to be forgotten

Something that was marinated

Meant to cooked later

Something that was not touched

Meant to be relished someday

Something that was so good

U ate it all but hid a little portion away

Then one day u would open the fridge

To fetch some of it and find that

What u had left is now over

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