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  • Shubhshree mathur

Revered or Severed

A petal severed from the whole bunch

Is carried places

By dust, wind and water

By people's soles and hair

By bugs, bees and team

By stones and streams

to places we pity

A garbage dump

A muddy puddle

A dirty palm in a slum huddle

In the sticky stream of milk and flies

flowing into a drain where the temple lies

And after all this I envy and not pity

that single petal which gets to be

reckless with the dusty gust,

Unapologetic-ally stupid getting stamped in a crowd

And when old and wrinkled it settles

with the sky weighing it down

All of us are in this bunch, we call a flower

In hope to be revered

To be reckless, stupid but free is just a thought

Too scared to be severed

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